Honda NSX Import

Honda Imports NSX

The new import Honda NSX has been designed to bring a 'New Sports eXperience' (NSX) to the supercar market. The NSX first made its debut in 1989 and it forever changed the supercar segment. The new car brings new innovations such as the Sport Hybrid Super Handling AWD system and hybrid electric motors to the forefront where acceleration, steering and braking inputs of the driver are amplified to enhance every road situation.  

About the NSX

The exterior design of the Honda NSX reflects its supercar performance on track and on the road. To achieve its great power the Honda NSX import is equipped with a mid-mounted twin turbo charged V6 engine which is mated with a nine speed dual clutch transmission.  The dynamic handling performance of the Honda NSX import can be attributed to the twin motor unit which has two electric motors driving the front left and right wheels.

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