Mercedes Benz CLA Coupe

Mercedes Benz CLA Coupe

Status In Stock
Colour Various colours available
Driver Side LHD/RHD
Engine Type Petrol

The latest generation Mercedes Benz CLA Coupé comes with a sporty look and is fully packed with the latest Mercedes-Benz new advanced technologies.

There will be several choices of diesel and petrol engines available in manual, automatic and 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

The wheel sizes will start at 16 inches and will go up to 19 inches.

The car has a pronounced sporty feel to it with frameless doors, its long and wide bonnet and strong and distinctive rear.

The interior offers an elegant feel including the widescreen display in completely free-standing.

The voice assistant (Hey Mercedes’), now made available to all new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, is considerably improving and will be able to answer complex questions such as ‘How big is Iceland?’ or ‘Find Asian restaurant that is neither Japanese nor Thai within 10 miles. ‘

A first is the gesture recognition that will activate functionalities in the car based on moves. For example, during night driving, if the drivers moved its hand to grab an object that is located on the passenger’s seat, the seat will be illuminated automatically, helping the driver to local the object faster.

Driving assistance systems will inform the driver of any traffic up to 500 meters ahead. It will also automatically slow down or even stop the vehicle in the risk of possible collisions.

In the case of the car drifting out of its lane unintentionally at more than 60 km/h, the driver will feel a vibration in the steering wheel as a warning sign.

The latest generation Mercedes CLA is now larger than the previous four-door Coupe model whilst retaining the same elegance and sportiness.

Please enquire for the latest availability especially the popular CLA 180 model.



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Mercedes Benz CLA Coupe

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