Ford GT Exports

Ford GT 2017 - Left hand drive Status: Coming Soon

The new Ford GT import is available in LHD form for tax free export to global trade and private buyers. The Ford GT is powered by a 3.5 litre Ecoboost V-6 engine. Due to limited nature of the Ford GT we recommend that buyers contact us for the latest availability. Our bespoke service includes sea or air freight worldwide. Please enquire for further details. 

Ford GT For Export

Ford have unvelieved an all new Ford GT, which is the ultimate super car. The twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V-6 engine will be paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch for remarkable driver control. The new Ford GT 2017 is innovative, sleek and aerodynamic. 

The Ford import GT 2017 has been redesigned and is now powered by the most powerful Eco boost production engine ever. It is fitted with a 3.5 litre turbocharged engine which produces more than 600 bhp, the GT makes immense use of the lightweight materials, including alluminium and carbon fiber enabling exceptional acceleration with improved efficiency.

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