Mercedes-Benz GLC MBUX Review

15 Apr 2019

How The Mercedes-Benz GLC MBUX Will Change Your Driving Experience

How The Mercedes-Benz GLC MBUX Will Change Your Driving Experience

Always breaking boundaries, Mercedes-Benz has been on course to change and alter the way we drive and, perhaps more importantly, how we enjoy driving.

The changes in technology have impacted on our driver experience, and that’s why the Mercedes-Benz GLC has the latest edition of MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) – which is implemented into all new models from the manufacturer.

It makes driving feel as easy and as comfortable as possible while bringing together all of your must-have in-car accessories and features. To display the power and the simplicity of the MBUX inside the cockpit of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLC, here are three reasons it will transform your experience:

  1. ‘Hey Mercedes’ to start: Keep both hands on the wheel while accessing the information you desire with the intuitive voice-activated operating system. Say ‘Hey Mercedes’ and you will be moved into a world of asking questions about the weather, the upcoming road conditions and much more.
  2. Three-layered operating system: The deeper you go into the system, the more information you get. This makes it a safe and easy system to use on the road and makes the learning curve short.
  3. Personalised selections: Over time, the MBUX within the Mercedes GLC will offer you suggestions. If you always call someone at a specific time or you tune into a radio station at a similar moment each day, you will receive a recommendation.

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