NEW – Coming Soon – Mercedes Maybach S600

Posted: 22nd January 2015

The new Mercedes Maybach S600 is available for RHD / LHD export from our company. Mercedes Benz have created a more individual personalisation programme for the S Class range through the Mercedes Maybach brand. The first Mercedes Maybach model being introduced is the Mercedes Maybach S600 which exudes luxury and exclusivity within the S Class extended 200 mm wheelbase package. It possesses a V12 biturbo engine pushing out 530bhp (5980cc). The ultra refined rear Executive Seats arrangement indicate that the main owners of this car are going to be chauffeur driven. These seats will provide comfort like no other Mercedes Benz S Class model. As an optional extra, rear passenger comfort can be increased through the ‘Rear Seat Comfort package’ which includes individually adjustable multi contour seats.

We can supply brand new tax free Mercedes Maybach S600 models for export to any worldwide destination by insured sea or air freight.

Mercedes Maybach import

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