UK car buyers – the options…

We want to change the way in which buyers for new cars can obtain the very latest prestige models quickly and more competitively priced, no matter which country they are located in. 

How can we do this...

By using our experience with our extensive European supply we can provide quick delivery times and competitive pricing.

What can we provide you as a UK buyer...

We want to change the way in which buyers for new cars can obtain the very latest prestige models quickly and more competitively priced, no matter which country they are located in. 

If you are based in the UK, our company has a couple of options for you:

     1. Importing a Left-Hand Drive (LHD) car from Europe into the UK:#readmore#

Left Hand Drive LHD UK Car Import

Importing and registering a new Left Hand Drive (LHD) car from mainland Europe for use in the UK and the EU can be a daunting task. Buyers may, for example, have the need to benefit from a vehicle that can be driven in the UK but the majority of driving will be on EU roads so an LHD vehicle is a preferred choice.  We are only able to supply brand new marques to buyers in the UK so please contact us to discuss your import requirements.

      Our procurement and registration package will include  the following to get you ‘on the road’:

  • Full DVLA required modifications.
  • Registration cost including applicable UK Road Fund License.
  • Inland UK Transport Costs
    (In all cases, 20% VAT will be payable at current UK rate)

     2. Exporting a new Right-Hand Drive (RHD) car to another country from the UK:#readmore#

Right Hand Drive RHD UK Car Import

You may be deciding to leave the UK and would like an RHD or LHD car delivered in your chosen destination country when you get there or you may have a family member or friend wanting a car exported from the UK to their chosen country. We can assist with the new car purchase and handle the export process of the vehicle for you direct to your destination country.

Our quotations will cover all costs to get the vehicle purchased and exported using our insured global shipping routes.

(Please note the vehicle registration arrangements in the destination country will be the responsibility of the buyer with the exception of New Zealand where we have a physical, local NZ presence so can assist with compliance and registration).

Want to import a RHD car into the UK ? 
For buyers wanting to import a RHD car into the UK where the intention is to beat the local UK dealer pricing levels, we strongly advise that we are NOT in a position to assist. Many years ago, importing a RHD car from Europe was big business as many imported cars were simply thousands of pounds cheaper than the local UK cars being sold in franchise showrooms up and down the country.
This was mainly due to the fact that exchange rates were much more favourable and also many UK dealers were not discounting their cars to customers thus creating demand from other sources  Now, due to exchange rate changes and more competitive local dealer pricing this option is no longer viable. Our advice is to approach your local UK dealer and haggle well ! Good luck.