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15 Oct 2018

Three Reasons To Choose The Mercedes-Benz S Class S560e Hybrid 2018

Three Reasons To Choose The Mercedes-Benz S Class S560e Hybrid 2018

The classic look, style and feel of a Mercedes-Benz can almost be drawn in your head with a few details such as the raised emblem on the bonnet, the sloped, sleek chassis and the almost legendary silver hue.

The latest Mercedes-Benz S560e keeps these tropes and nurtures them. This new member of the S-Class range is also a hybrid and is packed full of exciting features.


To show you how important this new release is, here are three reasons to invest in the Mercedes-Benz S560e Hybrid:

1. Petrol and electric combination: V6 power is provided by the petrol engine which boasts all the juice you need to accelerate from junctions and roundabouts easily. The electric section helps and can take you to 80mph on its own.


2. ECO Assist: There are many reasons why ECO Assist has become a must-have feature for regular drivers. It is able to help you in heavy traffic, to aid your efficiency and to provide recommendations for better driving; it’s a perfect supplement to ease driving.

3. Climate control: Not just any climate control, this is pre-entry control. Whether it’s summer or winter, the car understands and starts cooling or warming the car straight away.

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