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Audi imports have gained popularity in recent years with the introduction of some key models which have competed well with BMW and Mercedes. Our business has been exporting Audi models to worldwide buyers since 2001 and we can supply models such at the Audi TT, Q5, R8 and latest Q7 3.0 TFSI and 3.0 TDI  for tax free export. Only the latest model year Audi import cars are available for export so please enquire for specific vehicle details.

Our business has Audi exports and imports for sale from stock or from custom factory build so we have a choice for all types of trade or private buyers. For example, our customers can choose their Audi import in either LHD or RHD, with a range of specifications to ensure that our Audi imports offer exactly what the customer desires. Our friendly sales team is happy to deal with all enquiries, so please feel free to get in contact and we can discuss your Audi export today.

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