IN STOCK Range Rover
Range Rover

Latest model year 2016.5 specification for the new Range Rover / Range Rover Sport in Petrol 5.0, Diesel 3.0 SDV6, TDV6. Standard Wheelbase and also Long wheelbase versions available for tax free export. RHD & LHD models available.

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IN STOCK Lexus LX 570
Lexus LX 570 V8

The new Model Year 2016 Lexus LX 570 V8 Petrol and LX 450 V8 Diesel available for tax free export for RHD and LHD buyers world wide. Please enquire with us as supply is limited.

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IN STOCK Bentley Bentayga Import
Bentley Bentayga W12

Bentley Bentayga W12 in stock now. There is considerable demand for this all new luxury SUV from Bentley and supply is limited for both RHD and LHD buyers. Please enquire for world wide tax free export.

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COMING SOON Maserati Levante import / Export
Maserati Levante V6

The breath taking new Maserati Levante has taken the luxury SUV market segment to the next level with Italian exterior style, fuel efficient yet powerful engines and luxury refinement on the interior. Please enquire for latest availability.

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Auto Import

Import Marques is a leading European car import / export dealer who has imported and exported RHD and LHD prestige cars to global customers since 2001. Our company specialises in a range of popular car export / import brands including Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Rolls Royce.

We have worked with many worldwide clients, both trade and private, who are satisfied with the auto export service we have offered them. It is important to us that the service we offer is the very best available from a European car export and import dealer which is why we go that extra mile for all our clients.


Our business provides the 'complete package' for our import car buyers from initial purchase with competitive market pricing and quick lead times to the final delivery using our sea and air freight options. These European tax free cars are exported from our offices based in the UK, Europe and North America to the country of your choice.

We can supply the very latest luxury European model year car exports, new and pre-owned right hand drive and left hand drive models for worldwide export delivery. We cover all global regions so we have a good understanding of what type of vehicles are required depending on which country we are dealing with. Export auto vehicle supply from Europe is no problem whether it's the latest super car import you require, or a SUV 4x4 model. 

The car export business can be a complex business environment to deal with as there are many factors to consider such as price competitiveness, accurate delivery times and freight / logistics issues. As a car import business our extensive experience in dealing with trade and private global car export buyers adds value to any purchase you make, as you will be dealing with the perfect partner who will ensure the complete order cycle is completed with no fuss. We make importing a car from the UK, Europe or North America a simple process.


Car import sales


Our car import / export service has resulted in many satisfied customers who have imported cars from Europe to countries all over the World. The process of importing and exporting luxury vehicles is made simple through our 5 steps plan.

  1. Select the vehicle you wish to import using our View Cars section. If the vehicle you require is not shown then please visit our Contact page and enter your specific requirements.
  2. Choose the specifications you want for your car if you are wanting to place a 'factory order' purchase and we will then be able to provide a fully costed quotation to you.
  3. Organise payment terms: we have a variety of payment options to suit your needs which we can discuss.
  4. Organise delivery to the country of your choice by sea or air freight from Europe.
  5. Drive your new car !

This quick and easy car export from UK to worldwide locations has enabled many customers to acquire the tax free purchase of their dreams. For more information about our auto import service, visit our Vehicle Imports page which covers all the information you need to know. Should you require any other information, please get in touch with us today to discuss the export for you.


At Import Marques, we understand that exporting a car from Europe may seem complicated at first and the idea of an international car export could be daunting. As a private customer, you may think, 'How can I import a car from Europe?' or 'Who offers European cars for export?'

The answer is simple. We are one of the leading companies for European tax free cars and will make your car import an easy and stress-free experience. Whether you need the latest Ferrari export, a forthcoming Lexus import, or a classic car import, we are the car export company for you. 

We have been a European car exporter for over 14 years and have many satisfied clients all over the world. Our global customer base includes trade buyers that use our service for car exports from Europe, as well as private customers who want an export car for themselves. We strive to offer the most competitive prices for European tax free cars, and pride ourselves on friendly, reliable customer service at every step of your export car purchase. 

Our specialist team based near London, England (UK), will endeavour to find you exactly what you are looking for among the best European cars for export. With our experience and knowledge of the market, we aim to provide you the best service possible. 

Please feel free to contact us today and we can discuss your European car export in more detail ! Our Terms and Condtiions can also be viewed on-line.