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International CAR IMPORTER 

Since 2001 we have been importing prestige cars for both Left-Hand Drive (LHD) and Right-Hand Drive (RHD) models, to trade /dealer customers only, all over the world. Import Marques specialises in the tax-free export sale of the world’s biggest car brands such as Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, PorscheLamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, JaguarFord, McLaren, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Nissan, Honda, Volvo, Lexus, Maybach and Toyota.

Right Hand Drive / Left Hand Drive European Car Import

We can supply brand new (and some pre-owned) European Right-Hand Drive (RHD) and Left-Hand Drive car models for worldwide delivery. Different global regions require specific vehicle specifications based on local demand and we have the perfect tax-free export solutions for buyers to obtain competitive pricing for specific 'stock' or 'factory build' Right-Hand Drive (RHD) or Left-Hand Drive (LHD)  vehicles, which are tailored to their local demand.

The brand new cars we export are all the latest model year specification cars produced so as to ensure our buyers receive the most up to date models in the marketplace. We also pre-order many new and upcoming models many months in advance where specifications and colours can be changed to suit your own desired choice if required.

All over the world, our company has many satisfied trade / dealer customers, many of which use our business to stock their showrooms with the latest prestige models so they can become market leaders in their own respective countries. is owned and managed by Jameson Carter Ltd based in the UK.

Experience in the export business

We want to change the way in which buyers for new cars can obtain the very latest prestige models quickly and more competitively priced, no matter which country they are located in. 

Using our extensive export experience in the European marketplace over the years has enabled our trade / dealer prestige car buyers to obtain the best deals for small hatchbacks to supercars and luxury SUV models whether in Right-Hand Drive (RHD) or Left-Hand Drive (LHD) form. 

Since 2001 we have provided the very latest prestige models available on the market to global customers wanting to get ahead of the queue and we constantly aim to ensure that the vehicle export purchase process remains smooth and painless.

Our logistics experience also enables us to provide the most cost-effective freight solution to send your vehicle(s) to your destination country. Please see our shipping section for more information.

Supplying the very latest European models

Our business mission is simple - to provide the very latest model year prestige marques to the Asian, African, European, and Rest of the world markets coupled with our vast experience, competitive prices, security of payment and sensible delivery times. 

This is what we have been doing for many years and we will always strive to ensure that our buyers are updated regularly on what ‘hot’ models are due in the marketplace

Please check our latest model news section for updates on upcoming models due for export soon or already open for order now.


Since 2001, Import Marques' aim is to change the way in which buyers for new cars can obtain the very latest prestige models quickly and more competitively priced, no matter which country they are located in. By using our experience as a European car importer, with extensive European cars supply, we can provide quick delivery times and competitive pricing for stock vehicles ready now or custom factory orders.

Both RHD (Right-Hand Drive) and LHD (Left-Hand Drive) vehicles are ready to be exported to trade / dealer buyers around the world. As a trade buyer, why not deal with a company that has been established for many years providing the latest model year vehicles along with an enviable track record of establishing long-term business relationships with its buyers.

Swift, secure and smooth - purchase and delivery satisfaction worldwide

Our business endeavours to provide the highest level of service to our trade / dealer clients, offering a swift, secure and smooth purchase and delivery of your prestige car whatever the global location.   

We ensure your export purchase will include the following:

  • The latest model year European cars either from stock or from order
  • Fully transparent costed quotations with no hidden costs
  • Sea or Air freight (fully insured) all included in the price
  • Flexible and secure payment terms

Peace Of Mind For Your Purchase

"The most important adage and the only adage is, the customer comes first, whatever the business, the customer comes first.". This is what all our export team here strongly believes in when doing business!  

Our company's greatest assets are our global customers because without these customers there is no company.

For every purchaseyou will get...

  • Our highly trained Export Consultants that will be attentive to your every need whether for one car or more.
  • Our global supply and logistics ‘experience’ in each deal we transact to ensure a smooth, hassle-free, purchase. (Please see our shipping section for further information.)
  • Purchase Assurance - We want to ensure that buyers have full confidence in our company due to the fact that we have been operating successfully since 2001. 

Trade / Dealer Buyers Only

Our business will supply brand new, tax-free, latest model export vehicles to trade / dealer clients worldwide. 

If you are a trade buyer looking for RHD / LHD  supply for your local market, then do not hesitate to contact us so one of our experienced export consultants can assist with your specific trade quotation. All major prestige brands can be supplied. Our trade buying payment terms are also flexible by way of bank TT wire transfer or Letter of Credit. 

Please view our Car Imports section where we would love to assist you with a vehicle export enquiry.

Our Mission to you...

"Our goal is to ensure each and every customer receives the highest standard of service, price competitiveness  and gains 'trust' with our company in this ever-changing and challenging  global environment." 

The Future ...
"Since 2001, when the company started, our main purpose was to serve the needs of professional buyers located around the world who wanted the latest tax-free prestige models on the market. Over the years more and more global trade dealers have been doing business with us and we want to keep the core company value the same, whether you are a trade or a large-sized dealer business...THE CUSTOMER CAN COUNT ON US! "

Raj Bedi
Founder and Managing Director 

Gobal Trade / Dealer Buyers Are you a global trade / dealer buyer wanting to import the latest European car brands to your country ?
  • Our company can help with tax-free sales to any country
  • Competitive trade pricing and long-term business relationships established
  • All the latest models available from stock or special order so you gain an advantage in your local market
  • Flexible and secure payment terms
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