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How to import a Car To Hong Kong from the UK 

Hong Kong has been a location that our business has been importing prestige cars from the UK for many years. Our business has been supplying Right-Hand-Drive (RHD) export prestige cars to global trade / dealer buyers since 2001. We especially provide Hong-Kong based car showrooms with the latest supply of tax-free cars. Pricing is competitive and our orders come with rapid delivery times. The RHD prestige vehicles we supply can arrive in Hong Kong by fully insured air or sea freight from the UK.

At all times we have an inventory of all the up and coming prestige models for tax-free import to Hong Kong. If you are searching for a Bentley import, Mercedes Benz import, Range Rover import or even a Porsche import, our company can handle everything for you for a quick and efficient Hong-Kong car import experience. Other prestige vehicle marques can be requested for export. We can also provide bespoke factory orders where you can choose your very own colours and specifications from the UK.

Why do you need to use a company like ours to supply you with your next vehicle purchase ?
This is simple....we understand that in Hong Kong, official franchise dealer pricing and other local market conditions mean high prices exist for new cars and ordering them can also take a great deal of time. This is not a great position to be in when you want to make a smooth purchase and want to obtain a cheaper cost or quick delivery on the latest model. 

On top of that, many of these official franchise dealers do not put customer satisfaction on top of their list of priorities if you are a private buyer. Also, independent car dealers who are not bound by franchise agreements always have their valued clients demanding the very latest models which their local market cannot provide.

So, this is where we come in....We aim to provide all the latest models to you quicker and cheaper than your local Hong Kong market. Quite simply, this is the web site that many dealers and certainly the vehicle manufacturers do not want you to see ! We have all the latest RHD models on pre-order or in ready stock within the UK so chances are that we can help you with what you require. 

Therefore, please enquire with us on your next vehicle purchase and let's see if we can work together to provide you with a competitive, transparent and hassle free export delivered to Hong Kong tax free.   

Import the latest models into Hong Kong as soon as they are launched in the market within the UK. Get ahead of the queue with the quickest delivery times and competitive pricing.


Experienced Vehicle Export Specialist For Hong Kong

Our business aims to be the premier Hong Kong car importer from the UK due to our extensive experience in this niche industry and we will continue to provide a wide range of prestige tax-free export vehicles available that will be popular in the Hong Kong marketplace. Please get in touch with us for your car import requirements into Hong Kong.

We only export the very latest models for Bentley import, Porsche import, Range Rover import and Mercedes Benz import to trade / dealer buyers.

If you are a trade buyer and are interested in importing a prestige car to Hong Kong, visit our car imports section and select a vehicle. If you don't find what you are looking for, simply fill in your contact details on our contact page.

All our cars are shipped to Hong Kong by insured sea freight which operates regularly from the UK. Please view our shipping section for more information.
Raj Bedi, Founder and Managing Director


Our Mission to our Hong Kong buyers...

"Our goal is to ensure each and every customer receives the highest standard of service, price competitiveness  and gains 'trust' with our company in this ever-changing and challenging global environment." 

The Future ...

"Since 2001, when the company started, our main purpose was to serve the needs of buyers located around the world who wanted the latest tax-free prestige models on the market. Over the years more and more global trade dealers have been doing business with us and we want to keep the core company value the same...THE CUSTOMER CAN COUNT ON US! "

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