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UK car imports into NZ


Our aim is to ensure NZ car trade/dealer buyers can import their desired 'brand new' or 'pre-owned' car from the UK effortlessly into their country at the right price.


By using our extensive UK vehicle export experience, we will handle the whole vehicle import process for you, including sourcing the right car, shipping the car to NZ and also handling compliance and Customs on your behalf.

Our head office is located in the UK and we also have a New Zealand based office located in Auckland where our representative can handle your New Zealand car import paperwork and guide you through the whole import process.

We don’t think you should be dealing with the complexities of the import process when undertaking a New Zealand car import.  Our business stocks all the very latest prestige models which are ready for export so please enquire for further information.

The main brands we can import to buyers in New Zealand are Audi, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Land Rover. If there are any other brands you wish to import please contact us or visit our Car Imports section to make an enquiry.

Porsche Steering Wheel

Porsche Steering Wheel

Flexible payment terms available for New Zealand buyers where you pay a minimal deposit tpayment to secure the vehicle and pay the rest when it lands in NZ.
We are able to supply NZ buyers with a complete purchase solution for Audi imports, BMW imports, Mercedes Benz imports, Porsche imports and Land Rover imports, delivered directly to NZ by insured sea freight. Please see our shipping section on this site for further information.

What type of cars can be imported? 


There are two options available to you as an NZ buyer wanting to import a car from the UK :

1. Factory order build import from the UK - new vehicles

This is where you can specify your own choice of optional extras and colours on a brand new car. This option is suited for buyers wanting their UK import model in their own particular way and is now a very popular way of ordering import vehicles into NZ.  Please see our CAR IMPORTS section for new cars available for export. Please enquire further if a particular vehicle you require is not shown as we may be able to supply. 

2. Readily available import car UK stock - new or pre-owned vehicles 

This purchase option is open for buyers wanting a very quick delivery time for their purchase, so please enquire with us to check the latest availability of brand new and slightly pre-owned cars in the UK. Please visit our PRE-OWNED vehicle search section to enquire further on a vehicle that you require that can be up to 2-3 years old with mileage. 

Understanding your Import Car UK requirements


As well as brand new cars, we can supply UK pre-owned vehicles for export to NZ where we can provide buyers with a suitable car based on specific colour, age and mileage requirements. The UK market does represent good value for money for certain models and there is also a much better choice of 'limited' edition marques that are available here when compared to NZ. 

Our helpful team here will be more than happy to assist you in your UK export enquiry so please contact us to obtain a fully costed quotation.  

Our company can locate a suitable stock, pre-owned car from the UK based on your search criteria of MakeModel, Optional extras, Colour, Age, Max Mileage and Budget

The Import Process from the UK to NZ 


Once you have chosen the model you wish to import into NZ with one of our helpful Export Consultants, a fully costed quotation will be sent to you by email for your brand new or pre-owned model. 

This cost will include the following : 

- Vehicle costs quoted in GBP currency 
- No UK VAT 20% will be charged as we handle this for you as a tax free export 
- Shipping cost from the UK to NZ (fully insured) 
- NZ side compliance / Customs 

At the final stage of importation, there will be compulsory testing of the car by VINZ (Vehicle Inspections New Zealand) which checks all imported vehicles for safety and emission standards. Our company will handle this aspect for all our buyers to eliminate all the hassle involved as we have an NZ based agent located in Auckland.

Once this formal process is complete, the car you have just imported is yours to take away and enjoy! 

Payment Terms for NZ buyers 


Our payment terms are flexible for NZ buyers wanting to purchase either brand new or pre-owned models from the UK. Typically for all our cars, we operate with a 10% bank TT deposit to secure the order and we have various payment options available for payment on the balance amount due. One of our helpful members of the Export Team will be able to advise further on how this works. 

Our company has been established since 2001 so you can be assured that you are dealing with a secure, reputable, experienced and trustworthy UK based business.  

Please enquire : Our UK Main Office number is +44 (0)1344 874 201  (Open UK GMT 9.00am to 5.30pm) or please make a general vehicle enquiry using the form below and we will be able to respond quickly.  



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We export to many trade dealers all over the world. If you are involved in selling prestige RHD or LHD anywhere in the world, please contact us to see how we can help with supporting your business.

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We export to many trade dealers all over the world. If you are involved in selling prestige RHD or LHD anywhere in the world, please contact us to see how we can help with supporting your business.

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We export to many trade dealers all over the world. If you are involved in selling prestige RHD or LHD anywhere in the world, please contact us to see how we can help with supporting your business.

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