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electric vehicles for export worldwide

With unprecedented demand for cleaner vehicles to be driven on our roads around the world, our company has been at the forefront of importing Electric Vehicles (EVs) for trade/dealer and private buyers worldwide.

We can provide tax free export for the latest model prestige Electric and Hybrid vehicles from prestige manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Land Rover

The number of new electric and hybrid vehicles coming to the market is now extensive and we are in a position to provide you with these exciting models with competitive prices and quick delivery times for tax-free export to your country.

As the months progress, so does the continued development of vehicle battery power technology, which is moving at a rapid rate from the major manufacturers, with longer driving ranges now possible. We know that many buyers are concerned about such driving ranges but things are improving with these extended mileage capabilities of the vehicle batteries being produced and there are signs of improved local EV charging points across the major cities around the world.

Exciting new models will appear over the next 12 months so car buyers will soon have a massive choice of electric vehicles to select from.

Ask an experienced EV car importer

With our vast experience in exporting brand new vehicles around the world, we are now aiming to be a major supplier of the latest model of electric and hybrid vehicles for trade and dealer buyers.

Our purchase package includes shipping to your country using our insured sea freight service. (C.I.F basis) 

Most EV’s can be imported with low local tax rates which makes them highly desirable for buyers around the world.

This is where our company can come into the picture and help you with an import EV to your chosen destination.

To make an enquiry for an import electric car please enter your details on our enquiry form and one of our specialist export team will contact you to discuss your requirements.  

What to check FOR when buying an electric VEHICLE...

Dashboard of a Honda e

Dashboard of a Honda e


If you are considering buying an electric car, the three points below are intended as a summary to help make things clearer.

  • Electric motors are more energy-efficient than petrol or diesel engines, and they also minimize wasted energy by turning the vehicle off when it remains stationary and by charging the battery when braking.
  • The electric driving range is a term used to describe the distance a vehicle can travel under electric propulsion alone. The electric range of a car depends on the specific make and model of vehicle.

With most manufacturers pushing for development into this area, drivers of electric cars can now benefit from increased driving distances.

For example, a Tesla Model X 75D can provide a driving range of between 237 and 295 miles depending on which model version is selected.

  • Batteries are the main talking point for buyers of EVs as these need to be constantly charged. There are a few ways of charging your vehicle; you can use an ordinary home charger (120 V), an upgraded home charger (240 V) or charge it one of the various points in public areas like parking lots.

    The home charging electric vehicle point is easily mounted to a wall. It either includes a connecting charging cable or a socket where a portable charging cable is plugged in.  This is a charging option preferred by EV owners because it is faster and includes built-in safety features.

    There are Government incentives for installing home charging points and these values vary from country to country. Once these charging points are installed you only pay for the electricity to use to charge the vehicle. These home charging points are normally installed by professionals.  

For longer distance roads trips, you can also use the fast charging units available at many petrol stations, shopping centres and parking lots. These are increasingly becoming more available making it even more convenient to charge the electric car on the go. The cost of using electric charging points will always be more cost-effective than filling up a regular petrol or diesel engine vehicle. 

The time it can take to charge a battery can be anything from as little as 30 minutes to up to 12 hours but this depends on the speed of the charging point being used and the size of the EV battery that is present. A typical guide is that 100 miles range can be achieved with a 40-minute charge using a 50kW rapid charger. 

As a guide, the average charging time from empty to full with a 7kW charging point will take about 8 hours for a 60kw battery.

Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Cars For EXPORT

Electric car for sale

Electric cars for sale

Here are some of the popular latest models EVs we can export to your country of choice: 


hybrid car for sale

Hybrid cars for sale

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) such as the Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid have both an electric motor and conventional petrol or diesel engine. Compared to a battery electric vehicle, this extends the total driving range but lowers the all-electric range. Owners of a plug-in hybrid vehicle will have the possibility to drive on electric drive power only if required to do so as the car can be charged with a standard electrical power outlet

Here are some of the popular latest models Hybrid models we can export worldwide: 

How can we help you find and import your next electric vehicle or hybrid car?

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Which Country?

Trade export service

We export to many trade dealers all over the world. If you are involved in selling prestige RHD or LHD anywhere in the world, please contact us to see how we can help with supporting your business.

RHD - Right Hand Drive

We export to many trade dealers all over the world. If you are involved in selling prestige RHD or LHD anywhere in the world, please contact us to see how we can help with supporting your business.

LHD - Left Hand Drive Icon left hand drive

We export to many trade dealers all over the world. If you are involved in selling prestige RHD or LHD anywhere in the world, please contact us to see how we can help with supporting your business.

  • Trust and Assurance
  • The 5 steps of our service

    When you choose to purchase your prestige vehicle through Import Marques, we will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you receive a comprehensive and professional service. There are five steps of your purchase, from choosing your vehicle all the way to its delivery.

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    • 1
      Choose your vehicle you wish to export 

      Whether you're looking for a mid-range SUV or top-end sports car, we will source your vehicle from stock, or we will arrange a personalised factory build where you can choose your own optional extras and specific colours. Our range of export vehicles can be viewed on our CAR IMPORTS page. If a car you require is not listed in this section, let us know which model you are looking to export and we will endeavour to assist you.

    • 2
      Communicate with one of our Export Consultants 

      If you are looking for a car from stock, we will try our best to source a vehicle that meets your criteria with regards to specifications such as electric sunroof or alloy wheels. If you are looking into a custom factory build export vehicle, we can discuss your exact requirements together and provide a fully costed quotation for the order to be placed. Either way, one of our helpful in-house specialists will be able to help you with your vehicle export request.

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      Flexible payment terms

      We can liaise with you to discuss the flexible options available, which can range from a bank TT transfer payment when the vehicle is ready for export to a Letter of Credit payment process if that suits. Our in-house vehicle export specialists can advise you accordingly.

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       Shipping to your destination

      We will organise either sea or air freight from Europe to your destination country (fully insured). All our prices include freight costs when quoted.

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       Collect locally and the transaction is complete!

      Once the car has cleared your local customs, you are then able to drive away and we hope you are then a completely satisfied customer.

  • Trust and Assurance


    All our cars are quoted by our experienced in-house specialist Export Consultants who will assist you in every aspect of the vehicle export process.

    Vehicle quotations are sent by email and they all include fully insured sea or air freight options depending on your requirements.

    Our pricing and lead times are competitive and we try our best to maintain a high standard of professionalism when dealing with our global trade / dealer clients. 

    We are an established business operating since 2001, therefore we pride ourselves on providing our trade  / dealer clients with the very best customer service when purchasing an export vehicle, right up to the point of delivery!

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