Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace import incorporates the intuitive Touch Pro Duo 'Flight Deck' infotainment system which features two touchscreens on the centre console section. There is also a head up display which projects key information to the driver such as navigation and vehicle speed.  

About the I-Pace

We can offer the Jaguar I-Pace for tax free export to worldwide RHD and LHD buyers. This mid sized SUV model with its cab forward design and EV powertrain allows passengers to benefit from extensive interior space comparable to much larger SUV vehicles. The 90kWh Lithium-ion-battery delivers a range of 480km and owners can achieve a 0-80 per cent battery charge from empty in just 40 minutes using DC rapid charging. The all wheel drive model pushes out 400PS and 696Nm of torque so this zero emissions vehicle delivers extreme electric performance.