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Nissan Leaf

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Colour Various
Driver Side LHD/RHD
Engine Type Electric

The Nissan Leaf import is an environmentally friendly hatchback, equipped with the world’s most advanced electric vehicle technologies on the market now. The new car will be the first one in Europe to incorporate advanced driver assistance – ProPILOT - and the e-Pedal system which will allow the driver to break in a completely new way. When activated, the advanced driver assistance will automatically guide the car into a parking spot.

The e-Pedal, is a revolutionary technology allowing the driver to start, accelerate and stop the car by adjusting the foot pressure on the accelerator pedal. The car will also hold its position when on uphill slopes until the accelerator is pressed again.  

Its autonomous range of 378 km/235 miles offers the possibility to go further with a single charge and can even be used as mobile energy devices. Lucky owners of a Nissan Leaf will benefit from the smartphone app to monitor the car’s state of charge, the nearest charging stations and will be able to activate the ideal interior temperature before driving.

Interior Design:

The interior of the car is finished to high standards with the use of high-quality materials, giving a premium feel to this electric car. The technology has not been left behind with the 7-inch full-colour screen with key features such as the state of charge, power gauge, and audio and navigation system information. Blue stitching in the seats, door trim, armrest, and steering wheel for a high-tech feeling.

Exterior Design and Engine:

Floating roof, sleek LED headlamps, direct-lens low and high beams power with output of 110 kW (38% more than the previous Nissan LEAF), projector-beam headlights with dual, range of 378 km/235 miles, new battery design with increased energy-storage capacity, enhanced chassis for better stability, aerodynamic body styling, areo-design wheels, improved acceleration by 26% with new torque to 320Nm. 

Please check with us on the latest availability of colours for tax free export to your country. 

Our company can export the latest version of the Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicle (EV) model to your country, however, if you are looking for another Nissan model, get in touch and we will find what you are looking for.  

Please contact our company to discuss your Nissan LEAF import requirements. One of our helpful Export Consultants will be more than happy to assist you with a fully costed quotation including insured sea freight to your destination port. 
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Nissan Leaf

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