Toyota Land Cruiser 250

Toyota Land Cruiser 250

Status Limited Availability
Colour Various
Driver Side LHD/RHD
Engine Type Diesel

The All-New 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser: A Blend of Heritage and Modern Innovation

Toyota, the renowned automotive giant, is set to redefine the off-road experience with the highly anticipated release of the limited edition 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 250. As a brand deeply rooted in automotive history, Toyota continues to push boundaries, combining practicality, affordability, and unparalleled off-road performance in the latest iteration of the Land Cruiser series.


Embracing Heritage and Innovation

The Land Cruiser lineage traces back over 70 years, with a rich heritage steeped in reliability, durability, and off-road prowess. The 2024 Land Cruiser pays homage to its legacy while embracing contemporary design elements and cutting-edge technology. Boasting a robust exterior design inspired by its predecessors, the Land Cruiser 250 exudes strength and authenticity, setting a new standard for off-road vehicles.

Scheduled for release in September 2024, the inaugural model, dubbed the "First Edition," limited to only 5000 units, includes distinctive features such as round headlights, two-tone paint colours and distinctive First Edition badging. This iteration stays true to the Land Cruiser's traditional strengths, delivering unparalleled quality, durability, and reliability. 

Unmatched Performance and Functionality

Underneath its rugged exterior lies a re-engineered 2.8-litre turbodiesel engine, paired with a new eight-speed automatic transmission, which ensures superior performance across diverse terrains. Whether navigating challenging landscapes or cruising on highways, the Land Cruiser 250 effortlessly blends power with efficiency. Here are the engine specs: 

  • Engine Type: Four cylinders in-line
  • Displacement: 2755 cc
  • Maximum Speed: 105 mph (169 kmh)
  • Acceleration 0-62 mph: 9.9 seconds
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 80l

Step inside, and you're greeted by an interior designed for adventure. Practicality takes precedence with a focus on durability and functionality. The digital instrument display, available in nine or 12.3-inch options based on equipment grade, presents meters and data with sharp graphics, ensuring clarity in all lighting conditions. Access the multimedia system via a high-definition touchscreen, available in eight or 12.3-inch sizes, offering seamless navigation through features. Cloud-based navigation, integrated with up-to-the-moment traffic information, enhances the driving experience, while the "Hey Toyota" assistant enables voice command control of multiple functions and systems.

The interior is intuitively designed for ease of use, with unified switch shapes and operating methods, allowing the driver to adjust settings without distraction. Drawing on insights from professional rally drivers, the combination of dial selector and push switch for vehicle system functions, such as the Multi-Terrain Select, ensures intuitive operation even in challenging conditions. For added comfort and protection, knee pads and padded door shoulders offer support during rugged journeys. The new steering wheel design, mirroring the vehicle's solid and stable exterior styling, provides ergonomic handling, while the scooped profile of the door panel allows ample space for free elbow movement, ensuring comfort on extended adventures.


Importing Your Toyota Land Cruiser

As anticipation builds for the arrival of the 2024 Land Cruiser, we encourage you to register your interest early. At Import Marques, we specialize in catering to discerning customers seeking to import vehicles from Europe or the UK. Whether you require left-hand or right-hand drive configurations, we can accommodate your specifications and expedite delivery. Contact us today to secure your order and be among the first to experience the unparalleled performance of the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 250. Adventure awaits, and the journey begins with Toyota.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 250

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