Volvo XC90 Exports

Volvo XC90 2.0 D5 Diesel - RHD/LHD Status: Coming Soon

In stock in various colours and specifications of the latest model year specification. We can supply LHD and RHD variations of the Volvo XC90 2.0 D5 for tax free export. Please enquire for further tax free export sales.   

Volvo XC90 2.0 T6 Petrol - RHD/LHD Status: Coming Soon

Volvo XC90 2.0 T6 Petrol engine in stock, available for tax free export. We can supply in both LHD and RHD, and deliver it world wide via air or sea freight. Please enquire with us for latest competitive pricing.

LHD & RHD Volvo XC90 for Sale

Our company has been exporting prestige cars for over 14 years to worldwide buyers. Whether you require a Volvo XC90 import in right hand drive (RHD) or left hand drive (LHD) we can facilitate your requirements. Our business can also help supply you with a Volvo XC90 to your own personal specifications, or alternatively from stock.

Volvo cars have been synonymous with safety for many years; the Swedish manufacturers put safety first in their models, and have set themselves stict safety goals to reach by 2020. You can rest assured that by driving a Volvo XC90 you will be in one of the safest cars on the market. 

We supply the XC90 with both engine variations: the Volvo XC90 2.0 D5 Diesel and also the Volvo XC90 2.0 T6 Petrol. Please feel free to enquire and we can discuss your Volvo XC90 import further.

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