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Mclaren P1 Hybrid - Vehicle Specification

Status: In Stock
Driver Side: LHD
Engine Type: Hybrid - Petrol

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Derived from Formula 1 technology, the McLaren P1 possesses carbon fibre body panels, a carbon fibre interior and also monocoque.

The unique driver environment on the McLaren P1 was inspired by the canopies of fighter jets, which creates a sense of flying. Just like the McLaren 12C, the windscreen is deeper than it is wide, giving an airy and spatial feeling in the cabin. The front cowl is especially low and good visibility is achieved. The aggressively styled nose gives the P1 a dramatic look, and gives the car a low and wide stance but, as with everything on the car, it also serves an important functional purpose. The design serves to direct airflow to two front mounted low temperature radiators, which cool the petrol engine’s turbocharged air and the IPAS powertrain’s electrical system. The narrow LED headlamps, shaped in the style of the McLaren ‘speed marque’, give superb illumination but are also very space efficient, optimising the frontal area that can be used for cooling.

The P1 possesses a twin-turbo petrol V8 engine and single electric motor - both mounted behind the cockpit in a mid-engine position - have a combined output of 900 bhp and 900Nm, with emissions of less than 200g/km. Power is driven to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. 

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Mclaren P1 Hybrid