Review of the Honda CR-V SUV

02 Aug 2018

Honda CR-V - New model for 2019

Honda CR-V - New model for 2019

The style of the Honda CR-V hasn’t changed much since its inception in 1997. It was regarded as a ‘luxury vehicle’ as per the Japanese Government’s dimension regulations at the time, despite its description as a ‘sports utility vehicle’.

Two decades later, the Honda CR-V has become the world’s best-selling SUV – and has a new version in the pipeline for early 2019.

At Import Marques, we’re passionate about securing the latest and best vehicles from around the world and we want to make sure our customers can order new coming vehicles as soon as they are available.

The new 2019 Honda CR-V is safer, more rigid, and more practical than before.  

To help you decide, we’ve created a list of four main features that you can look forward to with the 2019 Honda CR-V version:

  1. Spacious interior: A long drive should be an exciting experience. You should be able to feel comfortable every second of the way. The spacious interior will allow you to relax through every mile.
  2. Big but not cumbersome: The Honda CR-V 2019 model still retains its beauty despite its size. The big and beautiful model isn’t slow, nor does it feel like a truck on the road, it’s the perfect combination of agility and speed.
  3. Seven comfortable seats: For the first time in the Honda CRV range you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of seven seats. Great for families looking for the best SUVs.
  4. Hybrid technology available: The engine options on the new Honda CR-V are moving with the times. You will be able to inject a little slice of hybrid technology in your new Honda CR-V by early 2019.

Discover more about the Honda CRV 2019 model and how we can export it to you with ease by speaking to us today.

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