Porsche Taycan Review - All Electric Vehicle

10 Jul 2018

The First Porsche All-Electric Car - The Taycan

The First Porsche All-Electric Car - The Taycan

Porsche is preparing to introduce its first all-electric vehicle and it looks like it is quite serious about doing it right with the brand new Porsche Taycan model.

As the first Porsche electric car available, you can expect a high-quality rival to the Tesla Model S. 

Made of aluminium, steel and magnesium, this luxury model has a fast charge to 80 per cent battery in just 15 minutes. This is thanks to the superior level of lithium-ion battery with its high level of energy density.

This particular model can also do over 155mph and reach 0-63mph in 2.5 seconds regardless of battery levels or battery temperature. With 600 horsepower and a 300-mile range, you can expect smooth and swift travel conditions for each journey you take.

The performance of this car is one to truly admire. With this specific model, you have numerous driving modes to save power.

Although production won’t be done until next year, we’re fully prepared to offer support and help you get ready for Porsche exports to customers worldwide.

What better way for Porsche to celebrate their seven decades of service than with a new vehicle for the ages?


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