A Class A200 AMG Line Review

15 Jun 2018

Mercedes A Class A200 AMG Line

Mercedes A Class A200 AMG Line

The new Mercedes Benz comes with a complete rethought interior with a dynamic exterior look and feel. The fourth generation of the compact A-Class offers new options that were available previously only in the luxury class. There is a complete safety package that aims to reduce considerably risks of accidents.



Buyers will be able to enjoy driving semi-autonomously, Active Brake Assist reducing the risk of rear-end collisions, Attention Assist where you are warned if you show any sign of drowsiness or inattentiveness, Active Emergency Stop Assist where the car stop in standstill if it notices the driver is not actively driving the car anymore while in the move, Blind Spot Assist warning the driver if a cyclist is in the danger area when opening the door and Active Lane Keeping Assist, warning against unintentional lane departure and many more options that make this car one of the safest of its category.

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is comfortable and is more economical with efficient diesel and petrol engines. Buyers will have the choice of different interior styles such as 3 colour option matching the upholstery or a carbon fibre look in black / silver. And if this is not enough, buyers will also be able to choose for the AMG Line style with its aluminium grain.




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