Mercedes-Benz GLE Review

11 Feb 2019

The Latest Mercedes Benz GLE And Why You Need It | Import Marques

The Latest Mercedes Benz GLE And Why You Need It | Import Marques

Every release from Mercedes-Benz is followed by plenty of talks and chat about its features and how it is bound to be superior to anything on the market. The reason this happens is that they have a knack for producing something which compels and confounds critics. Our team at Import Marques are here to give you the rundown on the latest release by the German giants – the Mercedes-Benz GLE.

Four star-studded features of Mercedes-Benz GLE:

  1. E-Active Body Control: Bumps in the road are rarely uniform, and each wheel will take the brunt of every hole or divot. The E-Active Body Control, however, is a way of providing individual suspension to the wheels to offer the best and most comfortable ride.
  2. Lighting and massage options: Passengers can enjoy mood lighting options and a range of different massage settings in their seats.
  3. Storage for every situation: The flexibility of the interiors seats means that much more space can be created on top of the already-large boot space.
  4. Active Tailback Assist: Understanding stop/start traffic before it takes a toll on your journey, you can safely navigate the difficult parts of any journey.

Our team at Import Marques are constantly scouring the car market for the latest releases and have seen the development of models across the motoring world. Our passion for cars and supplying them to you extends to when a new vehicle is released that we want to shout about. There’s no way we cannot talk about the Mercedes-Benz GLE which is set to be available in 2019 with further versions in 2020.

Our ability to import and export cars to Bangladesh ensures that companies and organisations continue to trust our service.

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