Lexus LM

22 Aug 2023

Lexus LM

Ride in comfort with the all new Lexus LM, the most modern luxury MPV on the market


The Lexus LM is the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. Torsional rigidity is 50% greater than that of the previous model, made possible through elements such as braces on the radiator support and rear underfloor. Combined with structural adhesive used for the upper body and floor, vibration is significantly reduced, allowing for a very smooth driving experience. 

In the process of seat development, intricate analysis was conducted on passenger body movements to establish a state of natural relaxation, fostering both physical and mental ease. A particular emphasis was placed on diminishing head motion and enhancing the stability of the sightline. In the context of front seats, meticulous optimization of surface pressure distribution on the seat cushion was achieved to secure body support even when subjected to varying G-forces during turns. The overarching objective is to deliver seating comfort that minimizes fatigue and cultivates an environment conducive to driver-car interaction. Regarding the second and third row seating, a combination of two distinct shock-absorbing materials was employed, each possessing unique attributes, to delicately envelop and provide support to passengers, seamlessly from stationary to in-motion scenarios. 

For the new LM, one of the primary focuses during design was to create a natural and comfortable sense of quietness. Noise frequency bandwidths and noise sources were analyzed, and as a result numerous design features were adjusted accordingly. Acoustic glass was used to help decrease high-frequency wind noise. The engine, always a great source of sound and vibration, and as such the related mounts which amplify the vibration received intensive tuning. Cabin noise was also greatly reduced by placing sound absorbing and insulating materials, and vibration-damping materials in specific places throughout the vehicle.

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