Mercedes Benz E Class (2024)

09 Aug 2023

Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2024)

Mercedes-Benz is poised to embark on a new era for the business saloon category with the introduction of the new E-Class


The new E-Class is leading the way in the shift from traditional combustion engines to electric propulsion. Simultaneously, its advanced electronics architecture facilitates an all-encompassing digital user experience. The initial saloon models of the 214 series are scheduled to debut at European dealerships in the autumn of 2023.

The fresh Mercedes-Benz E-Class retains the classic three-box saloon proportions, characterized by a concise front overhang and elongated bonnet, followed by a cabin that sits gracefully farther back. The design, often referred to as "cab-backward," is complemented by a proportionally well-arranged rear overhang.

A panel-like surface in black seamlessly links the radiator grille to the headlamps, evoking a visual similarity to the Mercedes-EQ models. The three-dimensional configuration of the radiator grille takes on either a modern or traditional appearance, contingent upon the chosen equipment line. Notably, the new E-Class is equipped with high-performance LED headlamps as a standard feature. Optionally, the advanced DIGITAL LIGHT can be included, complete with or without a projection function. Regardless of the variant, all headlamp options present a distinctive design during both daytime and night-time. An emblematic brand trait, the daytime running lights adopt an eyebrow-like contour, while power domes add a striking accent to the bonnet.

The profile of the vehicle admirably showcases the harmonious proportions and the distinctive "cab-backward" design, emphasizing a sense of balance. The seamlessly integrated door handles, a hallmark found in luxury Mercedes-Benz models, can be added as an available choice. Further enhancing the visual appeal, two distinct character lines on the sides underscore the car's sporty character.

Noteworthy features at the rear include the innovative two-part LED lights, featuring a novel contour and distinctive design. The star pattern incorporated into both light units imparts a unique aesthetic for both daytime and night-time settings.

The 9G-TRONIC transmission, used in all E-Class models, has been enhanced. The electric motor, power electronics, and transmission cooler are now integrated into the transmission, eliminating the need for previous lines. This reduces installation space and weight while boosting transmission efficiency. Improved interaction with the electric auxiliary oil pump reduces the mechanical pump's delivery rate by 30% compared to the predecessor, enhancing efficiency. It employs a new generation fully integrated transmission control with a multi-core processor, streamlined design, and connectivity tech, increasing computing power while reducing electric interfaces and control weight by 30%.

The 4MATIC drive system in all-wheel drive models has been upgraded, allowing higher torque transmission and optimal axle load distribution for superior driving dynamics. This design also offers a notable weight advantage over the previous series, contributing to CO2 reduction.

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