02 Feb 2023


Introducing the new BMW iX1: A Glimpse into the Future of Electric Mobility


BMW enthusiasts and eco-conscious drivers, get ready to experience the next level of sustainable luxury with the much-anticipated arrival of the new BMW iX1. Combining cutting-edge technology with the iconic BMW design, this all-electric SUV is set to redefine your driving experience. Equipped with BMW's advanced electric drivetrain, the iX1 promises impressive performance and a range that will take you further than ever before. Its sleek silhouette and aerodynamic features enhance the SUV's efficiency and make a striking statement on the road. 

Inside, the iX1 offers a spacious and refined cabin. The latest connectivity options and intelligent driver assistance systems ensure a seamless and safe journey, while the choice of sustainable materials highlight BMW's commitment to a greener future. 

With an estimated range of up to 270 miles (430 km),  you can enjoy extended journeys with minimal stops for chargin. The iX1's electric powertrain also delivers a top speed of 118.8 mph (190 km/h). 

The BMW iX1 is a welcome addition to BMW i lineup, combining sustainability, performance and luxury. 


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