Mercedes-Benz S Class S560E Review

28 Jan 2019

Three Reasons To Choose The Mercedes-Benz S Class S560E

Three Reasons To Choose The Mercedes-Benz S Class S560E

Mercedes-Benz will always have a reputation that follows them everywhere. Every new release is a big moment for car lovers, companies and more who want to get their hands on the latest vehicle from the German manufacturer.

At Import Marques we are delighted to offer for import the Mercedes-Benz S Class S560E which is certain to blow apart the hybrid competition and stake its claim as the finest car in this range. To help you understand and choose the beautiful S Class S560E, below are three key features to look out for:

  1. Investment in the future: This hybrid from Mercedes Benz comes with the integrated Wallbox system and allows for a full charge in just an hour and a half. You can then enjoy 50km of completely electric driving effortlessly.
  2. ECO Assist as standard: To help every driver improve their energy efficiency on the road, ECO Assist will provide anticipatory and economical help to make the most of every penny.
  3. Mercedes Me: Computers on board cars have become a vital component and fortunately Mercedes Benz have something special. The Mercedes Me on-board computer can perform climate control before entry and warm up the seats for when you get in the car.

If you would like to understand more about the Mercedes Benz S Class S560E, get in contact with our team at Import Marques.









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