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22 Apr 2019

The Mercedes Benz CLA Review

The Mercedes Benz CLA Review

Car manufacturers are keen to fight on all fronts to ensure their latest vehicle is enjoyable, popular and safe. One of the ways that Mercedes-Benz have enhanced the safety of their latest models is through a number of driver assistance systems that keep the car on the road, away from danger and ensure the driver is always alert.

Mercedes-Benz’s latest petrol and diesel model, the Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe, comes equipped with everything you need to stay safe and secure on the road. To help you discover the potential of its driver assistance additions, here are three ways it makes driving safe and easy:

  1. Forward-thinking traffic checker: The CLA Coupe comes equipped with the ability to scour traffic updates 500m ahead; ensuring that dangerous situations are avoided by slowing the vehicle down or stopping when necessary.
  2. Lane drifting alert: Many cars have some iteration of lane warnings through sound, but the CLA Coupe will vibrate the steering wheel if the car drifts to another lane over 60km/h to ensure you’re aware and alert.
  3. Gesture recognition: To put a wow factor into driver assistance, the CLA Coupe comes with a feature to ease every movement in the car. Reach for something in the side pocket or passenger’s seat and lights will help you find it faster and keep your attention on the road for longer.

On top of this, the sporty CLA Coupe is available through our service at Import Marques. To see how we can help import the latest Mercedes-Benz CLA to your door, get in contact with us today.





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