Porsche Taycan Review

17 Jun 2019

Porsche Taycan: The Luxury Electric Car For Speed And Efficiency

It’s Porsche. It’s Porsche like we have never seen. All electric. All new. And prepared for worldwide exporting in the near future – It’s the Porsche Taycan.

As one of the most exciting developments in the electric car world, Porsche are grasping this task with both hands. The Porsche Taycan is a luxury car that looks like something from a James Bond movie and out of this world but has the features to place it at the apex of the luxury car world.

It doesn’t stop at the sleek exterior, however. Inside the cabin you will find ideal additions such as touchscreen controls and an all-electric light up dashboard.

Moving towards the power and performance, it is quite clear why this will be one of the most exciting releases in 2019. Here are three ways its battery power and speed will make it one of the most popular luxury cars on the market:

  1. Fast charging: The high-quality lithium battery possesses the ability to charge to 80% battery in just 15 minutes. It owes this to the battery density the Taycan has under the bonnet.
  2. 300-mile range: That battery allows the Porsche Taycan to zoom along for over 300 miles without needing to charge up.
  3. 0-63mph in 2.5 seconds: No matter how low the battery is getting, the Porsche Taycan is able to offer speed and acceleration with 600 horsepower backing it up and the ability to hit 155mph.

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