BMW 745LE review

03 Jun 2019

The BMW 745LE: Four Features We Can’t Wait To Try Out

The BMW 745LE: Four Features We Can’t Wait To Try Out

The BMW 745LE which will give you the ideal combination of sportiness and efficacy.

The new hybrid car will help you travel with comfort and with the peace of mind that you are doing a little bit to reduce your carbon footprint.

Set to transform the way we view plug in hybrid cars, the new BMW 745LE comes with the features we know and love about the German manufacturer with the added technology and efficiency needed to become a leading hybrid model on the market.

Four features we can’t wait to try out on the BMW 745LE:

  1. Life Cycle Impulses: BMW use Life Cycle Impulses to describe the interior and exterior changes they make to each model midway through its life cycle. The 745LE, therefore, looks transformed inside with sleeker dashboards, bright interiors and a complete bulky refresh of the exterior; creating a sporty and attractive look.
  2. iDrive infotainment system: Any BMW you buy now will come with this leading on-board system which, in the latest update, comes with gesture control.
  3. Wireless phone charging: Convenience is always something BMW aim for, but they have hit the mark with the introduction of wireless charging for your phone in this model.
  4. Noiseless electric engine: The plug-in hybrid engine allows you to use just electric for a range of around 36 miles which will speed up to 90mph in virtual silence.

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