Review Of Polestar Car

27 May 2019

Polestar 2: A Review Of The Latest Electric Car To Break Boundaries On The Market In 2020

Polestar 2: A Review Of The Latest Electric Car To Break Boundaries On The Market In 2020

Technology and cars are entwined like never before. The development of new technology in cars is leading towards the most convenient yet safe destination for drivers worldwide – especially with the exciting electric car world developing as it is.

Polestar – a Swedish manufacturer bought by Volvo – have released details of their latest dive into the electric car world with the Polestar 2. And it’s a technology packed dream.

What makes the Polestar 2 stand out?

The two electric motors offer a range of up to 500km and pack a punch with the ability to reach 100km/h from a stationary position in under five seconds, but that’s not all. The technology on board will make every journey that bit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Three technological advancements that come as standard with the Polestar 2:

  1. Phone as key technology: The car will recognise the driver on approach. Just logging into an app will open the car. This is simplicity combined with security for even more assurances.
  2. Android infotainment: As one of the first cars to implement Android technology – meaning Google Maps is installed as standard in each vehicle - Polestar worked with Google to design the interior dashboard. An 11” screen allows you to control everything easily.
  3. Electric technology at your fingertips: The two electric motors that power the Polestar 2 can be linked to Google Navigation to provide real-time updates on the range and nearest charging points in the area.

On top of the technology advancements shown in the Polestar 2, it has placed time and effort into its design. Multiple interior options are available, a Performance Pack can be purchased, and you can even buy a completely animal-free version with vegan leather throughout its interiors.

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