Review of the new Porsche 911 4S

17 Dec 2018

Take A Look At The Brand-New Porsche 911 4S

Take A Look At The Brand-New Porsche 911 4S

It doesn’t matter what colour you choose when it comes to a Porsche. Its body, its contours and its branding will instantly tell people what a beautiful and incomparable machine you are driving. At Import Marques we have become a leading UK car import service, and we are constantly developing our range of vehicles which are available to you, such as the new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

As mentioned above, Porsche already retains an assumption of quality. However, the 911 is one of the most renowned models in the world. So, how does the latest version aim to become better than ever. Here are three new features to look out for in the new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S:

  1. All-wheel drive: The main difference of this model compared to the 911 Carrera S is that all-wheel drive is equipped. This offers greater control over different terrains and road conditions at higher speeds. It can still reach 306km/h which is enough to take your breath away.
  2. Interior design alterations: To make every journey more ergonomic, the interior has been transformed. Cleaner and straighter lines make your view more direct and the on-board screen has been simplified to make it easier to operate on the move.
  3. Security features as standard: Wet Mode, adaptive cruise control and an intelligent warning and brake assist system are all perfect for journeys through cities and motorway driving.

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