Review of the Porsche 911 S

10 Dec 2018

Three Reasons To Choose The New Porsche 911 S

Three Reasons To Choose The New Porsche 911 S

Any new Porsche retains an air of awe whenever it is mentioned. New features, fresh appearance and the same old pace and raw speed we associate with the German brand. Add to that the most recognisable three digits in the motoring world – 911 - and you have all the ingredients for something special.

The latest Porsche 911 S comes equipped with a vast array of features that could tempt you to use our exporting services at Import Marques. To help you discover these, we have listed three of the best below:

  1. Top speed: You will have the chance to reach the top speed of 306km/h in the Porsche 911 S and feel the acceleration with a 0-100km/h achievable in under four seconds. If that’s not enough, the fuel consumption has been improved to 8.9l per 100km.
  2. Intuitive controls: The standard features of a supercar like the Porsche 911 go under the radar, but this version will see the introduction of Wet Mode for hazardous driving conditions, adaptive cruise control for sitting in traffic and warning assist systems to aid every journey you make.
  3. Exterior facelift: The new Porsche 911 S will bring with it a fresh new look from the outside, too. Smooth contours are highlighted by pop-out door handles while the wider body creates a more defined aesthetic.

To discover more about the Porsche 911 S and how you can get your hands on it with Import Marques, make an enquiry to our team today.

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