Audi e-tron

09 Oct 2018

E-tron - The first step into full-electric vehicles for Audi

E-tron - The first step into full-electric vehicles for Audi

Audi is stepping into the world of fully electric vehicles with the Audi e-tron; the very first full-electrical car from the manufacturer.

Audi will launch first the Audi e-tron Sportback in 2019 and will follow in 2020 with the Audi e-tron GT from Audi Sport.

The range of more than 400 km (285.5 miles) will offer to buyers the possibility to drive an electric car without compromise.


With over 72,000 charging points available in the UK and EU countries, buyers will have access to a Europe-wide based network of charging points making the mobility of the car a hassle-free experience.


The manufacturer will also offer a complete range of home charging options.

The standard compact mobile home charging system can be used with either a 230-volt household outlet or a 400-volt three-phase outlet.

The home charging solution will also have the option to charge during off-peak electric times or use solar power if there is a photovoltaic system in place in the house.

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