The New Mercedes GLE SUV

17 Sep 2018

The New Mercedes-Benz 2020 GLE SUV

The New Mercedes-Benz 2020 GLE SUV

Mercedes-Benz has recently announced, few days before the Paris Motor Show 2018, the new GLE car model, which will come bursting with amazing features. It is ready to blow apart your assumptions about luxury sports coupes. The rundown of the new Mercedes Benz GLE is shown below, the best four features that we can gleam from the vehicle are:


  1. Energising Coach: A brand-new feature that Mercedes have worked on is the Energising Coach. It will recommend a certain programme depending on your personal situation. For example, it can couple with a Garmin wearable and keep an eye on your stress, blood pressure levels, quality of sleep and more and it will adjust the programme of the car accordingly for your optimum comfort.
  2. Exterior transformation: The Mercedes GLE has a unique and distinct look from the outside.
    It boasts a number of changes including the upright grille, altered headlamps and maximum strength LED lights. The new model also offers larger wheels and an aerodynamic design reducing fuel consumption.
  3. E-Active Body Control: Adjusting to the smallest bumps in the road has been a challenge for many manufacturers. This unique and new feature in the GLE uses a 48-volt active suspension to move the wheels individually to the contours of the road to considerably reduce the vibrations in the cockpit.
  4. Large and sporty interior: An upheaval of Mercedes’ interior has given users more space with an improved sporty feel. Perfect to suit the sport coupe combination.

Discover more about the Mercedes GLE and what you can expect by getting in contact with our team.

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