The Jaguar i-Pace - EV

10 Sep 2018

How The Jaguar i-Pace Can Banish The EV Myth

How The Jaguar i-Pace Can Banish The EV Myth

Electric cars have been coming for many years with one side assuming they could never rival the traditional petrol and diesel styles and the other quietly declaring that the inevitable rise of electric vehicles will come soon. To blow apart the myth about electric cars, Jaguar have set the task of creating their first fully electric vehicle.

The Jaguar i-Pace is their initial attempt and will become available in the next year. Combining the class and assured style of Jaguar with the practicality that the next range of electric vehicles include, we are sure the new Jaguar i-Pace will transform how you think about EVs.

How will the Jaguar i-Pace banish the electric car myth?

  • Speedy charging: Many cars worry about 0-60mph, but this model is all about 0-80 battery charge percentage. It can get up to a driveable level in just 40 minutes with the use of DC rapid.
  • Long range: The WLTP cycle on the i-Pace will give you a huge range of 298 miles. This is perfect for everything from long journeys to short commutes to work.
  • Gorgeous interiors: No expense is spared when it comes to the interior of this new Jaguar. Unprecedented luxury inside will provide space and comfort for the whole family to enjoy.

To discover more about the Jaguar i-Pace and the features as they come through to us, get in contact with Import Marques.

Jaguar iPace Interior Jaguar iPace dashboard / infotainment
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