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07 Jan 2019

How Does Our Import Car Service In The UK Work?

If you are looking to invest in vehicles for your company or to satisfy your passion for cars, you will not only want a service that is trustworthy throughout the sale, but also during the shipment. We understand that you will have worries about your car or set of vehicles during transit, but we aim to reduce this as much as possible at Import Marques.

Chosen as a reputable import car service in the UK you can place your faith in our team to work your cars from sale to shipment without any problems. Since 2001 our team have been offering this complete service that ensures your car is delivered to your country, but how does this service work?

Three steps to our import car service in the UK:

  1. Sale: The first stage is choosing a vehicle that you would like to have delivered to you. Whether you have corporate needs or personal preferences, we can help you make the right decision.
  2. Insured shipping: All our global shipping methods are insured to guarantee peace of mind from the first moment until the last for you. We work with main freight and shipping lines worldwide to ensure reliability in our service.
  3. Inclusive pricing: When we sell one of our vehicles to you, we will include the shipping in the price. This will save any unexpected charges during the course of the import.

To discover more about our reputation as a luxury car importer for the UK, get in contact with us today.

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