04 Mar 2019

Electric Cars For Sale In The UK

Electric Cars For Sale In The UK

The electric car market has been growing in recent years due to the increased public consciousness and developments in technology.

From petrol and electric hybrids through to fully-electric models, the best brands and most reputable companies in the motoring world are itching to get to the front of the queue for their customers.

Use an international car importer to find the electric car you want

Import Marques is an established provider and importer of electric cars for sale in the UK, which can be shipped all over the world.

From European and Asian delivery and shipping, we have the ability to source electric cars in both right and left-hand drive from manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Range Rover, Audi and many more.

How to choose the perfect electric car for sale in the UK?

Our service is suited to businesses, individuals and more who are looking for a future-focussed electric car which offers class, quality and affordability.

This all starts with speaking and discussing your options with our expert consultants about the options open to you.

Together, you can explain your needs and take on the advice of our professionals to find an electric car suited to your budget, requirements and preferences.

  • Step One: Contact us directly via our website form:
    Let us know all the details about the electric car you are interested in acquiring. Colours, extras, upgrades and more can be accommodated by our team.
  • Step two: Await a quote from our team:

We come back to you with a personalised quote for the delivery, vehicle and any extras you have requested.

Our electric cars for sale in the UK include some of the latest releases in 2019 and beyond such as:

Audi’s E-Tron and I-Pace EV by Jaguar are ready for you to import now from our service while we have Mercedes-Benz’s latest electric car, the EQC, coming soon.

To stay ahead of the newest developments in the electric motoring world, keep an eye on our blog page.



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