Trusted And Secured UK Car Imports

18 Mar 2019

Trusted And Secured UK Car Imports

Trusted And Secured UK Car Imports

What do you look for in a car?

Speed. Comfort. Aesthetics. Brand. Colour. Everyone is a little different in the first thing they search for, and we understand that at Import Marques. That’s why we are dedicated to offering an elite selection of UK car imports that could upgrade your garage selection, revamp your corporate collection or complete a life-long dream.

We have become a leading car importer of supercars, luxury sports cars, SUVs and much more which can be imported to you from our trusted suppliers. We are chosen for this service by individuals and businesses due to our expertise in delivering worldwide left or right-hand drive vehicles safely and securely.

How our UK car imports work at Import Marques?

When it comes to purchasing the latest Ferrari model, a new Mercedes-Benz, BMW’s fresh release or any other manufacturers that you prefer, it will be an exciting time. We want to ensure that no issues happen during the process from shipment to delivery, ensuring a professional service every single time.

Our experts work hard to guide a shipment and delivery service from start to finish without any issues. If you are looking for a team that can offer you a range of assurances throughout the UK car import service, make sure you choose Import Marques.

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Latest models to order
Global Trade / Dealer Buyers Are you a global trade / dealer buyer wanting to import the latest European car brands to your country ?
  • Our company can help with tax-free sales to any country
  • Competitive trade pricing and long-term business relationships established
  • All the latest models available from stock or special order so you gain an advantage in your local market
  • Flexible and secure payment terms
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