BMW i8 Hybrid And BMW i8 Roadster

29 Apr 2019

BMW i8 Hybrid And BMW i8 Roadster – What Is The Difference Between The Two Models?

BMW i8 Hybrid And BMW i8 Roadster – What Is The Difference Between The Two Models?

The growing popularity for more affordable and efficient means of transport has seen a big change in the way car manufacturers attempt to entice their customers. Hybrid and electric cars are now available from almost every leading car company, and BMW are clearly attempting to come out on top with their latest i8 iterations.

What’s the difference between the BMW i8 Hybrid and the BMW i8 Roadster?

  • i8 Hybrid: Available for importing around the world immediately from our team at Import Marques, the BMW i8 Hybrid offers great balance between its electric and petrol engines. This twin technology enables you to reach speeds of 75mph solely using the electric engine while achieving outstanding fuel consumption from the petrol engine.
  • i8 Roadster: The BMW i8 Roadster is the first hybrid coupe from the German car manufacturer and will be available from our range of hybrid cars for sale shortly. With its gorgeous striking curvatures and lightweight structure, it’s already creating waves throughout the industry. Not only is it able to reach 60mph in just 4.6 seconds but the soft-top roof can be retracted in 16 seconds – even at speeds of up to 31mph.

If you are looking to import hybrid cars and discover the latest releases in the electric and hybrid market, our service at Import Marques could be ideal. On top of the latest BMW i8 releases, we have an ever-growing collection of hybrid and electric cars for sale which are waiting for you to choose from.

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